Fundamentals of Inclusion

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Reviewed: 01/04/2018

At CPR Global Tech, inclusion is about:

  • not hesitating to walk into a meeting where no-one else looks like me;

  • knowing I will not be judged when I leave early to pick up my children;

  • being asked for my opinion and being listened to in meetings;

  • my team recognising I am committed to my family life even if  I am a man;

  • my team recognising  I am committed to my work even if I am a mother;

  • not being worried about sharing my personal life when people around me are heterosexual;

  • my team focusing on my strengths and looking past my disability;

  • my team including me in banter even if the conversation is not in my first language;

  • my team not labelling me entitled and lacking drive because I am young;

  • my team not assuming I do not have the technical skills because I am older;

  • my team understanding I was promoted because of my skills, not because I am a woman.​

It is because team performance improves by 50% when everyone feels included.

Inclusion & Diversity is not just about:

  •  Gender, Ethnicity, Sexual Orientation, Background, Disability, Culture, Age, Mental Health…

Inclusion and Diversity is about:

  • You, me, us

  • We are all unique and we all want a chance to contribute and so feel valued


  • Data demonstrates that we have greatly improved retention this year compared to last year.

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