Human Trafficking policy

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Reviewed: 01/04/2018

As an organisation that prides itself on helping vulnerable people, we at CPR Global Tech recognise that we have a role to play in minimising the risk of human rights abuses.


We are committed to working with our donors, partners and suppliers to apply and extend best practice throughout our supply chains. 


Our business is the design, management and delivery of technical solutions that empower vulnerable individuals to lead fulfilling lives.


We employ directly or indirectly approximately 30 individuals worldwide. We also engage with a global network of individuals. We believe that the risk of modern slavery in our workforce is relatively low. This is because much of our workforce is educated and skilled, therefore the factors most likely to lead to enslaved labour are considerably reduced.


We recognise that our challenge is to find out about and act against human trafficking and modern slavery which may be taking place further down the supply chains. This is an area we focus on during regular visits to our suppliers.


Our approach to combatting human trafficking and modern slavery recognises the need for continuous improvement (ISO 9001 processes) and we will be monitoring and reviewing the policy and adapting as appropriate to reflect evolving business and cultural requirements.


CPR Global Tech oppose human trafficking and modern slavery vigorously.


  • We now visit our factories every year.

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