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By promoting independence, the Guardian solution increases the wearer's ability to stay engaged with life. 


Help is always, and literally, at hand, even if the wearer himself is not aware that help is needed.


No phone is needed as the wearable devices are connected to the phone network and GPS directly.



A fall invariably leads to an increased reliance on health services.

And yet, the biggest issue is not the fall itself, but the time the victim has been left incapacitated whilst waiting for help.


Thanks to the Guardian solution, the victim can trigger the emergency assist button. 


If the wearer is unable to do so, the wearable device itself will trigger the alarm automatically. 

Heart beat

A traditional heart-beat monitor enables the wearer to confirm that they are in trouble.

By linking the heart-beat monitor to a monitoring hub, the monitoring service is able to profile the individual's heart beat and trigger alarms which are based on individual profiles.

Telemetry is no longer about a 'black box' which will explain what went wrong.  It highlights when things are likely to go wrong...


Call blocking – network solutions


Most phone providers will offer some call management solutions. These have very limited power and are expensive.


Call blocking – standalone options


Standalone blockers can deal with thousands of numbers and offer a white list or a blacklist option. Prices vary greatly.  Make sure the blocker has the 'Secured by design' logo.  The most expensive product is of no use if it is too complex to set up or if it kills your phone dead. 


Ambulance/ Police

Ambulance and Police personnel are often confronted with a binary choice when faced with a person in need. 


When the course of action is unclear, they cannot leave the person behind... 


They could hand out a wearable device so that they can call for help if need be. 


In the meantime, this reduces the pressure on hospitals and Police Stations.


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Mobile phones with call blockers and emergency assist buttons for seniors on the go.


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We put the User Experience at the heart of our designs.

Good User-experience is accepting that, just because it can be done, does not mean it ought to be done.


How many devices  solve a problem but are not used because they are just too complex ? 


What about the devices that will not be worn as they stigmatise the wearer?



We make sure that the end user can easily access the functionalities built into the device.


If you need a large instruction booklet, it is badly designed.


Bad design does not represent value for money.

Supporting wearable devices with strong analytics

Wearable devices  nudge behaviour or initiate interventions.


They gather complex data and present it as simple actionable intelligence


Effective wearable devices present information in the context of your personal profile.:

  • this is where you are;

  • this is where your loved one or colleague is;

  • this is where you ought to be.

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