We make products that protect and empower people who need extra care, or who are vulnerable because of their work or life situation. Our innovations keep them safe and provide peace of mind for those who love and care for them. By supporting independent living, we also relieve pressure on healthcare providers and care services.

We develop our inventions in close relationship with protective agencies, businesses and users worldwide. Our focus is on ease of use, quality and affordability. Through our buy-back scheme we recycle our products to support the environment and make older models available for people on a tight budget. We do this because we want to support as many people as possible.

If we can save a life with any of our products, then we have done our job.

  • Andrew Sandbrook

    When Andrew founded CPR Global Technology in
    2010 his aim was to create thoughtfully designed products that make a real difference
    to people’s lives. As our managing director he stays true to that vision,
    overseeing the day-to-day running of the company and ensuring that everything
    we do, and everything we make, meets the highest possible quality standards.

  • Chrissy Sandbrook

    Chrissy, our Chief Financial Officer, has
    been with CPR Global Technology from the very beginning. She manages our finance
    department, working closely with Andrew and her finance team to make sure CPR
    Global Technology’ accounts and finances are optimised and running smoothly.

  • Chelsea Davies
    Chief Operating Officer

    Chelsea heads the expansion of the CPR Global
    Technology brand in global markets. She leads our marketing activities and manages
    the growth of our B2B sales channels, helping to ensure that more and more
    people have access to our products.

  • Roderick Down
    Head of e-Commerce

    Roderick is responsible for all our online
    sales through channels including Amazon, eBay and our own e-Commerce websites. He
    also manages our technical support team, which covers Europe, America and

  • Keith Robertson
    Head of Fulfilment

    Keith manages the fulfilment of our
    products through multiple eCommerce platforms. He works closely with local and
    international shipping services to ensure our products are delivered efficiently,
    and arrive on time.

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  • Knowledge Transfer Partnership


Products that reassure

Get to know our products here. From our call blockers to our wearable Guardian
monitoring watches, we create reliable, beautifully designed, simple-to-use
solutions to everyday challenges.

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