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Since 2010, we've been creating robust and innovative solutions for life in a fast-changing world.

CPR Callblocker Range

With over 1 million customers and 1 million robocalls blocked worldwide, we set the benchmark for robust call blocking solutions, putting consumers and businesses back in control of their privacy.

CPR Guardian Range

CPR Guardian 24/7 Monitoring

When you can’t be with someone to ensure their safety 24/7, the CPR Guardian smartwatch is the answer. It’s a smartwatch with some powerful features, including health monitoring, fall detection, voice calls, location tracking and a button for quick and easy SOS calls. CPR Guardian works with our Guardian monitoring app and telecare monitoring service to ensure a rapid response in an emergency.

Watchu Guardian Kids

Keep track of your kids and get in touch with them instantly with our WATCHU Guardian Kids smartwatch. It combines an emergency assist function, voice calling and GPS location tracking in one simple, attractive watch. With WATCHU Guardian, kids can lead an active life with the security of being monitored.