What makes the CPR Guardian Personal Alarm special

Stay connected with our advanced SIM technology.

The CPR Guardian Personal Alarm uses the most up-to-date SIM (CPR Chameleon) which will jump to the strongest network, giving you confidence that you or your loved one will never lose signal.

Contact the wearer or check their location using a straightforward app.

Loved ones, carers, employers or whoever has responsibility for the wearer can connect with the watch via the CPR App (iOS & Android). The app enables you to call the watch, locate the wearer via GPS, and monitor their heart rate, keeping you updated and reassured about their wellbeing.

Relax with the reassurance of specialist monitoring.

Our monitoring services are provided by Delta Wellbeing, a specialist provider of Technology Enabled Care

You can purchase our range of CPR Guardian Personal Alarm Watches from any of these retailers:

  • cprguardian.com
  • Amazon UK/FR/DE/IT/ES/NL/PL/SE
  • PC World
  • Maplin
  • OnBuy
  • Kaufland
  • PPP Taking care (AXA)
  • ALZ
  • Health Care
  • Hearing Direct

Who uses the CPR Guardian:

• ARC and Monitoring Centres • Head Injury Clinics • Epilepsy care • Lone workers • Workers in Vulnerable situation • Falls Clinics • Cardiac Outpatients/Discharge • Elderly/vulnerable discharge • Occupational Therapists • Autism care • Physiotherapists • Entry Level Tech for beginners

  • Guardian One Touch SOS

    Your personal emergency assistant that's always within reach. This innovative timepiece is more than just a stylish accessory; it's a lifesaving tool that could make all the difference in an emergency situation.

    With just one touch of a button, the One Touch SOS Watch instantly sends an emergency alert to your pre-selected contacts, letting them know that you need help. 

    The One Touch SOS Watch is perfect for anyone who wants to feel safe and secure at all times. Whether you're an avid adventurer, a busy professional, or a senior citizen who wants to maintain their independence, this watch is designed to keep you safe.

    With its sleek and durable design, the One Touch SOS Watch is built to withstand the rigors of daily wear. It features a comfortable silicone strap, a scratch-resistant glass face, and a water-resistant casing that can handle all kinds of weather conditions.

    Works independently. No Landline, Wi-Fi or Smartphone App Set Up is required. An active subscription Service Plan is needed for the Guardian One Touch to work.

  • CPR Guardian III

    The ultimate wearable for parents and grandparents who want to ensure their loved ones stay safe and secure. With its advanced fall detection, GPS location tracking, two-way calling, and emergency assist button, this powerful device provides unparalleled peace of mind.

    Imagine being able to track your loved one's location at any time, from anywhere. Whether they're at home or out and about, the Guardian Personal Alarm Watch keeps you connected, providing real-time updates on their whereabouts. And with its fall detection technology, you'll be instantly notified in the event of a fall or accident, allowing you to take swift action and provide assistance when it's needed most.

    But that's not all - the Guardian Personal Alarm Watch also features two-way calling, allowing you to easily communicate with your loved one at any time. And in the event of an emergency, simply press the emergency assist button to notify emergency services and get the help you need.

  • CPR Guardian for Lone Workers

    Lone Worker Alarm Watch For All Sectors - Ensure the safety of employees with the Lone Worker solution from CPR Guardian

    The CPR Guardian Lone Worker is designed to automatically detect a serious fall and raise an alert, Confirmation that an alert has been raised will be given by the watch asking if the Lone Worker is OK. To cancel an alarm, the Lone Worker must press NO on the watch screen

    In the event of an emergency, the Lone Worker will be able to voice call and alert the designated SOS contact by holding the red SOS button; The GPS location of the Lone Worker will also be sent to the Guardian Monitoring APP

    Built-in GPS tracking ensures accurate outdoor location tracking and estimated location tracking when indoors; Receive alerts every time the Lone Worker enters or leaves a Geo-Zone

    Make and receive voice calls to employers, managers, employee's, friends and family almost anywhere in the world without the need of a mobile phone.

  • Who benefits from the CPR Guardian:

    • Active Adults
    • Vulnerable Adults
    • Early Stage Dementia/Alzheimer's
    • Lone Workers
    • Domestic Abuse
    • Epilepsy/Seizure
    • Tendency to Faint
    • Tendency to Fall
    • Local Authorities
    • Care Home Monitoring
    • ARC Monitoring Centres

SMART SIM : Protecting the vulnerable, 24/7

Whatever the vulnerability - from dementia to heart problems, and from epilepsy to lone working - the CPR Guardian GPS tracker provides constant peace of mind for the wearer and for those who care for them.

Our Chameleon SIM achieves the highest level of mobile coverage, assessing different mobile networks and selecting the strongest signal to ensure the wearer stays connected and locatable.

  • Monitor

    • 1 Monitoring User (Administrator)

    • Fall Detection Alerts

    •Unlimited calling

    • Unlimited tracking

    • Unlimited SOS calls

    • Unlimited heart rate monitoring

    • Low Battery alerts

    • Customer support

  • Friends & Family + 24/7 Monitoring Centre

    Up to 5 Emergency contacts

    Fall Detection Alerts

    Unlimited calling

    Unlimited tracking

    Unlimited SOS calls

    Unlimited Medical Reminders

    Global Roaming Data

    Set Home Zone (Be alerted when wearer has entered and exited their home WI-FI)

    Low Battery alerts

    Customer Support

  • Friends & Family + 24/7 Monitoring Centre

    24/7 Monitoring

    1 Wellbeing call from our highly trained experts per month to combat loneliness and Isolation

    Up to 5 Emergency contacts

    Fall Detection Alerts

    Unlimited calling

    Unlimited tracking

    Unlimited SOS calls

    Unlimited Medical Reminders

    Global Roaming Data

    Set Home Zone (Be alerted when wearer has entered and exited their home WI-FI)

    Low Battery alerts

    Customer Support



Compatibility with other monitoring services

• Tunstall PNC8 • Jontek V9 • Sentinel

Active SMS modules are needed so that CPR Guardian can connect to these software packages.

A device message sent via SMS from CPR Guardian will look like this:

  • Ver:PO1.PNC8.SMS
  • IMEI:353532064851251
  • Battery:48%
  • Google.com/maps?q=51.655647.-3.910213


Powerful Features

  • 1
    SOS phone with two-way calls

    The SOS button lets the wearer use the watch as a mobile phone to call a relative, carer or telecare service

  • 2
    GPS tracker with location alerts

    The personal GPS location tracker makes it easy to find the wearer and can send alerts when they leave a certain area

  • 3
    Heart Rate Monitor

    Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely and receive heart rate alerts


"My husband has vascular dementia. He has in the last months started to go out and walk away from our home. I bought a CPR Guardian watch to help find him. On each occasion it has been invaluable in locating him."

My husband wandered from the house last week. The police contacted CPR Guardian and they were able to help by boosting the tracker which then provided information that my husband was some 15 miles away in Liverpool. The police found him in about 10 minutes and in 20 minutes they returned him home. So I, the family and the police are very grateful for the tracking watch and the help provided by CPR Guardian.

- Mrs. Whitfield, Milton Keynes



Helen Butler (LA)

- easy to use, very clear 2-way speech – like that calls can be made into and out of the watch. Good audible warning and vibration warning that alarm has been activated. We like it and can see it as being very wearable, it even tells the time!
- easy to set up. You can see exactly what’s going on with the wearer, good location information. Easy to make changes to device set up.
- Learning disability service users like wearable tech so will be useful and also with people who get disoriented or feel vulnerable when out and about.

(Anon LA)

Anon (LA) The watch itself is very good, the app is very user friendly and offers a lot of information for family members, for example things like route tracking, heart rate and skin temperature. Battery life is hit and miss with everything turned on you can probably get 3 days, I managed to get 5 days with the HR and Skin Temp turned off. Troubleshooting for me has been good with the company on the other end of the phone to sort out niggly issues, the other positive is they can change the network the watch runs out depending on the area it is installed. Something we can do on the pebble.

KDF Install

As an installer of assistive technology for the past 7/8 years I have come across many different GPS Tracking devices, all with varying benefits and some with a lot of disadvantages. The CPR Guardian 3 has been a breath of fresh air with not only its aesthetics but also its usability. It is extremely comfortable to wear, having tested it myself before installing it out in the field with a test client. It’s well designed and wouldn't look out of place against some of the top end smartwatches and Fitbits. Functionality is perfect for what I needed, real time GPS tracking, multiple geo fences and fall detection with the added benefit of realtime heart rate/skin temperature monitoring, call feature and easy to use SOS button. Compared to some other devices tested, battery life which is one of the most important features is good and different features can be turned on or off to extend this. The app is user friendly for those monitoring the device, easy to set up, easy to make changes to suit and works well to find out quickly and easily happening with the loved one wearing the watch. The CPR Guardian team are extremely helpful and have always been on the end of the phone to troubleshoot any little problems which have occurred. They will guide you through the set-up process if required and make sure everything is working perfectly before leaving the client with the device. Overall, I would highly recommend the CPR Guardian 3 and believe it is one of the best GPS watches I’ve had the pleasure to test and install and I look forward to installing more of these brilliant watches in the future.