10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

It's always a treat to help someone you care about to enjoy their older years. But it can be tricky to figure out what they want! In this guide, we'll cover some of the best Christmas gifts for the elderly—and how to find them.

Before you go shopping, do your research. Talk to the elderly person's family and friends. Research their likes and dislikes, as well as what they already own or desire. You can also ask the elderly person themselves what they want for Christmas! This will help you narrow down your options when it comes time to buy gifts for them.

You should also take into account their home environment:

  • Is it cluttered or clean?
  • Does the room have enough space?
  • Are there any special items that they may be interested in receiving as a gift (like books)?

You can also consider looking at other aspects of the elderly person's health—their diet, their daily routines like bathing habits, and how active they are compared to others.

Finally, budgeting is always important when planning an elderly’s Christmas gifts! Make sure that whatever amount of money was put aside each month goes towards buying something nice rather than frivolous.

1. CPR Guardian Personal Alarm: Best Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

10 Tips on How to Get Gifts for the Elderly That They'll Love

CPR Guardian is an easy-to-use standalone mobile phone watch with an integrated SIM card. It’s a personal alarm that contacts family. They can view the location and well-being of the wearer remotely by using the Guardian mobile APP for Android and iOS. Carers can call the fall detection watch just like a mobile phone.

  • Wondering off is no longer an issue. Family members or carers can track the fall detection watch wearer's location at any time using the “CPR monitoring” mobile application.
  • SOS watch button allows the wearer to immediately loudspeaker call 5 preset contacts using the built in mobile phone.
  • Guardian monitors the wearer heart rate every 10 minutes and sends this data directly to the CPR Monitoring APP.
  • Safety Zones are a virtual radius around a location, like home or the park. Receive APP alerts every time the wearer enters or leaves a Geo-Zone.
  • Guardian features a working time of up to 48 hours and provides low battery notifications to both the wearer and APP users.

2. Gift Certificates for Specialized Senior Care

A gift certificate for specialized senior care is a great way to help someone who needs it, and it can be more expensive than buying the person a gift. However, it's important that you choose one that works with their budget and helps them make decisions about where they will live in retirement.

If your loved one has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia, then finding the right type of care for them should be one of your highest priorities.

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

3. Headphones or Speakers

Headphones are a great gift for the elderly, as they can be used to listen to music or watch movies. Headphones are also good for those who have difficulty hearing because there is no need for them to turn up the volume all the time and therefore, you don't have to worry about being heard.

While speakers would be better if your loved one has mobility issues or cannot get around too well in their home, headphones are still an excellent choice as long as you know how much space there is around them (for example: if it's small enough).

4. Large-Button Remote Control

A large button remote control is a great gift for elderly people. These remotes are easier to use, and they can help you to keep the elderly person's hands busy while they watch television or listen to music. The buttons are also bigger than most standard remotes so it will be easier for them to see what they're doing.

If your loved one has trouble with small buttons, then this might be a good idea!

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

5. E-Reader or Tablet

If you have an elderly relative who loves to read, an e-reader or tablet is a great gift. These devices are much better than regular books because they can be used with the help of magnifying glasses and assistive technology, such as screen readers.

Elderly people who have vision problems may find it difficult to read text on a normal computer screen so having them use an eBook reader instead is ideal for their needs. Also, they're cheaper than tablets!

An eBook reader will allow your loved one to play games and watch movies on demand while listening through headphones or speakers if necessary—or just sit back and enjoy the latest bestseller!

6. A Water-Repellent Outdoor Blanket

Water-repellent outdoor blankets are great for outdoor use. If you know of someone who loves to spend time outdoors but doesn't have a lot of room at home to store their blankets and other bulky items, then this is the perfect gift!

A water-repellent outdoor blanket is lightweight, portable and easy to store in any bag or suitcase. They're also extremely useful if you're going on vacation because they allow your elderly loved one to stay warm while they're outside in bad weather conditions without having any problems with their clothes getting wet due to sweat (because moisture doesn't stick).

When it comes down right down there are few things more important than staying dry during winter months so anything that will help keep them safe should be appreciated by everyone involved!

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

7. Adult Colouring Book

If you're looking for a gift that will help your elderly family member wind down after dinner, consider giving them an adult colouring book and some nice coloured pencils. Colouring is one of the best ways to boost memory and concentration among adults over 65 years old, so it's no surprise that this activity is enjoyed by many seniors.

8. Some Slippers or Warm Socks

Slippers and socks are great gifts for the elderly. These items can be practical and comfortable, which is why they're so appealing to seniors. Slippers and socks are useful gifts for the elderly because they keep their feet warm in cold weather, or keep them cool when it's hot out.

Slippers make it easier for someone who has difficulties walking or standing due to arthritis to get around without getting tired or frustrated with their symptoms. A pair of cosy socks will help keep your loved one's feet warm during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing outside!

9. Weighted Blanket

A weighted blanket can be a great gift for the elderly who suffer from anxiety, insomnia, and other disorders. It’s a blanket with a layer of small beads or pellets sewn into it. The weight of the blanket can be adjusted to suit your person’s needs.

Some people find that being wrapped in one all night helps them relax and fall asleep easier than any other technique they've tried (like aromatherapy). Others prefer not having anything covering them at all—they like feeling like they're sleeping on top of something heavy instead of having something soft touching their skin all night long!

10 Amazing Christmas Gifts for the Elderly

10. Soft Scarf

A soft scarf is a great gift for anyone, but especially the elderly. It can be worn in the winter and summer, indoors and outdoors. It's warm enough to ward off drafts, yet light enough to not weigh you down when walking around town during those cold temperatures.

It's an excellent way for men and women alike to show their support for their loved ones who may be struggling with mobility issues or arthritis pain from falling stairs too many times over the last few years!


Now that you've read our list of the best Christmas gifts for the elderly, it's time to make a shopping list. One thing you can do to ensure their safety is to trust remote monitoring devices such as CPR Guardian.

CPR Guardian, Personal Alarm Watch with Fall Detection is a simple-to-use personal alarm watch with fall detection, GPS tracking, and an emergency SOS watch button that enables the user to notify family and friends in an emergency. Please get in touch with us if you need help.

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