People in the UK Warned of Latest ‘Amazon’ Phone Scam

People in the UK Warned of Latest ‘Amazon’ Phone Scam

 as Shocking New TV Drama Highlights Problem

With Channel 5’s new ‘Cold Call’ drama bringing home the human destruction that telephone scams can leave behind, people in the UK are being warned of the latest phone scam to sweep the UK.

 Call blocking specialists, CPR Call Blocker, are urging people in the UK to hang up if they receive an unexpected phone call which claims you’ve just been charged for an Amazon Prime subscription.

The recipient is often then told fraudsters have hacked their account to authorise the transaction, but the payment can be cancelled if they press 1.

You are then connected to an ‘account manager’ who claims to be able to undo the hack if given access to your bank account. Also, pressing 1 connects you to a premium rate number that you then start paying for.

The warning comes as viewers of ‘Cold Call’ on Channel 5 have seen the horrific aftermath of falling victim to telephone fraud unravel for the main character, June, played by Sally Lindsay.

 CPR Call Blocker Development Manager, Chelsea Davies, said: “Sally Lindsay’s characters story in ‘Cold Call’ is hard-hitting, but sadly it does portray the reality that many people are being targeted by scammers and the sophistication of telephone scams in the UK is ever-increasing.

We hope that by highlighting the latest and most common types of scams out there, people will be more savvy when it comes to saying ‘no’ to unwanted callers.”

A survey by CPR Call Blocker, which won the Queen’s Award for Export earlier this year, revealed that 15 per cent of people in the UK lost money to scams in a 12 month period, with 4 per cent losing more than £10,000, so the negative impact portrayed by the Channel 5 drama is real.

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