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    One-Push Call Blocking Technology has made us more connected to people and the world around us. Unfortunately, technology has also increased the number of unwanted calls being received by everyone. Many family members have lost their confidence in using the home phone. Our call blocker helps individuals feel safe and confident in their own home.

    - 10,000 known scam-callers automatically blocked
    - Block new numbers with the push of one button
    - Large 3” caller display screen: new technology made simple
    Cpr Call Blockers

CPR Call Blockers

The CPR Call Blocker range includes the V10000, V5000, CS900 and the CPR Shield, blocking robocalls, scam calls and unwanted calls on landline phones. Pre-programmed with thousands of the worst known robo numbers, plus the ability to manually block and unblock callers. Our call blockers can be effortlessly set-up in minutes and work with pre-existing handsets.


Block unwanted calls at the touch of a button.

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Our Products
  • V5000,
  • V1000,
  • CS900

CPR V5000 Call Blocker

The CPR V5000 Call Blocker features a 3 Inch caller display screen, large “Block Now” button, 6,500 number capacity and has the ability to block unwanted callers from Cordless DECT extension handsets by pressing #2.

  • Pre-programmed with 5000 unwanted scam numbers
  • Block up to 1500 numbers at the touch of a button
  • Large easy to read 3” Caller Display Screen
  • Quick & simple to connect. No mains power required
  • Simple to manage call & block lists
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CPR V10000 Call Blocker

Our most advanced CPR Call Blocker V10000 with a dual mode to block all robocalls, political calls, scam calls and unwanted calls on your landline.

  • 10,000 pre-programmed robo numbers
  • 2,000-number blocking capacity
  • Dual Mode – add numbers to your Allow and Block list
  • Large easy to read 3” Caller Display Screen
  • Quick & simple to connect. No mains power required
  • Simple to manage call & block lists
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CPR CS900 Call Blocking Cell Phone

Easy To Use | Emergency Assist Button | Call Blocking Tech
The CPR Mobile Phone looks just like any other phone. However, it has simple, easily accessed features that allow the user to quickly alert their families to their location in an emergency. Each feature can be turned on/off depending on individual needs.

  • Instant alerts: tell family members your whereabouts with the press of a button in an emergency
  • Use with confidence: automatically blocks scam calls, with easy-to-use safety features
  • SOS instant emergency assist button
  • Use with pride: looks like any other phone, with easy-to-use features
  • Additional features include Large easy to use buttons & screen, Camera, torch, and radio.
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This thing is amazing. Seriously. 90% of the calls stopped as soon as I plugged it in, and over the past week I have been adding the others.

The best thing? With this puppy the phone doesn’t “ring once” like it does with other blockers or the “block” from my phone/cable company (not VOIP – we use Cox). Having a phone ring “half a ring” before it is blocked is annoying. This solves that problem since it sits between the wall and the phone so it analyzes the number before the signal gets to the phone to ring it. Awesome technology. We were to the point we were going to get rid of our home phone due to the blind dial calls (“hello, this is Windows support”), the Out of Area calls and the Political “can I have three minutes of your time” and then you spend 30 minutes listening to someone read asinine questions about a bunch of clowns running for office. All of those are gone now. I seriously wish I could give this 10 stars. My sanity is slowly returning.

Dave CPR Call Blocker Customer

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