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    GPS Locator | Emergency Assist Button | Geo Safety Zones The CPR Guardian II looks just like any other watch. However, it has simple, easily accessed features that allow the wearer to quickly alert families to their location in an emergency. Each feature can be turned on/off depending on individual needs. Instant location alerts for family members with fall detection and SOS button Wear with confidence: looks like any other smartwatch, with easy-to-use safety features Geo safety zones: automatically send notifications when you travel to another area Continuous Health Monitoring: Data collected every ten minutes on key health data Additional features include phone calls, voice messaging, heart rate monitor, step counter, waterproof. We combine every UK mobile network for maximum signal coverage.

    CPR Guardian Monitoring

CPR Guardian Monitoring

The Guardian, a lightweight device that can be worn on the wrist, detects when the SOS alarm button is pressed or when the wearer leaves a designated safety zone or when the wearer’s heart rate drops below 30bpm, alerting our 24/7 response operatives. Other features include, GPS tracking, phone calling & voice messaging.

Our monitoring services are provided by taking Care[AXA].


Telecare Monitoring Service

Our award winning monitoring centre provides emergency support in 30 seconds or less

The average response time to an emergency is over two hours, this can be very worrying for family and friends who may have the best intentions of caring for their vulnerable loved ones but may not always have the time. The CPR Guardian drastically reduces this response time to 30 seconds and constantly monitors the wearer.

The CPR Guardian can make caring for those living with dementia or Alzheimer’s easier while also providing them with a better quality of life and prolonging independence. While simultaneously providing complete peace of mind and reassurance when needed. You can count on us to be there for the people you love most, when they need it the most.

CPR Guardian Monitoring

  • 24/7 Protection Via Our Monitoring Centre
  • Unlimited Tracking Via The Guardian App On Your Smartphone
  • Unlimited Voice Messages, Phone Calling & Data
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Nationwide GPS Tracking
  • 12 Months Accidental Damage Cover Included
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Hypoallergenic Strap for Sensitive Skin
  • Wireless Software Updates
  • Complete Peace of Mind
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"Service is excellent."

“Service is excellent. Pre sales and post sales support excellent. The watch phone (guardian 2) is great, and worth the money. If you know someone that may get lost, this phone allows you to locate them. Has provided peace of mind for my mother when she lost my father (Alzheimer’s) on several occasions.”

Krishna CPR Guardian Customer

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