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    GPS Locator | Emergency Assist Button | Geo Safety Zones The CPR Guardian looks just like any other watch. However, it has simple, easily accessed features that allow the wearer to quickly alert families to their location in an emergency. Each feature can be turned on/off depending on individual needs. Instant location alerts for family members with fall detection and SOS button
    Wear with confidence: looks like any other smartwatch, with easy-to-use safety features
    Geo safety zones: automatically send notifications when you travel to another area
    Continuous Health Monitoring: Data collected every ten minutes on key health data
    Additional features include phone calls, voice messaging, heart rate monitor, step counter, waterproof. We combine every UK mobile network for maximum signal coverage.

    CPR Guardian Personal Alarm
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CPR Guardian Personal Alarm

The Guardian uses the most up-to-date SIM (CPR Chameleon) which will jump to the the strongest network, giving you confidence that you never lose signal.

Loved ones can connect with the watch via the CPR App (iOS & Android), where you can call the watch, locate the wearer via GPS and also monitor their heart rate. Giving piece of mind that the wearer can be contacted and located at all times.

Our monitoring services are provided by taking Care[AXA].


Wearable SOS Device, with a built in fall detector

Sales Channels

  • cprguardian.com
  • Amazon 8 countries
  • eBay 8 countries
  • PC World
  • Maplin
  • On Buy
  • C Discount ( France )
  • PPP Taking care (AXA)
  • ALZ
  • Health Care
  • Hearing Direct

Who uses the CPR Guardian:

  • ARC and Monitoring Centres
  • Head Injury Clinics
  • Epilepsy care
  • Lone workers
  • Workers in Vulnerable situation
  • Falls Clinics
  • Cardiac Outpatients/Discharge
  • Elderly/vulnerable discharge
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Autism care
  • Physiotherapists
  • Entry Level Tech for beginners
Smart Sim

The CPR Guardian provides the next level of protection in an emergency.


The GUARDIAN is a GPS tracker that provides you and your loved ones with peace of mind and reassurance knowing you can always be there for them whenever they need you.

Our Chameleon SIM provides the highest level of mobile coverage, by accessing all EU mobile networks, to find the strongest signal making sure that this personal emergency alert system can support dementia sufferers from day one.


Friends and Family Lifestyle Monitoring

Unlimited 30 Day

Unlimited sim plans provide you with

Full Access to App and historical data & Graphs.
Contingency support
Unlimited calling
Unlimited tracking
Unlimited SOS calls
Unlimited heart rate monitoring
30 Day Rolling Contract

Unlimited 12 Month

Pay 12 months up front and save £20!

Full Access to App and historical data & Graphs.
Contingency support
Unlimited calling
Unlimited tracking
Unlimited SOS calls
Unlimited heart rate monitoring
12 months paid up front.

CPR Guardian with Fall Detection can be fully integrated with Portals and Platforms to ensure a smooth and efficient transition to a modern form of care and protection.

CPR Guardian – Monitoring Software Integration via SMS

Compatible Monitoring Software.

  • Tunstall PNC8
  • Jontek V9
  • Sentinel

Active SMS modules are required for CPR Guardian to connect to the above software packages.


Example Device Message Sent via SMS:

  • Ver:PO1.PNC8.SMS
  • IMEI:353532064851251
  • Battery:48%
  • Google.com/maps?q=51.655647.-3.910213

CPR Guardian – Mobile APP monitoring:

  • Manage multiple devices
  • View Realtime tracking information
  • View tracking playback
  • Set Geo Zones
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Set SOS contacts
  • Send voice messages to the device
  • Voice call the device
  • Measure heartrate from the APP
  • Edit device and user information
  • View Alarm, Device and user statistics
CPR Guardian – Web portal monitoring


  • Manage 1000s of devices
  • View Realtime tracking information
  • View tracking playback
  • View Heart rate and pedometer data
  • Set Geo Zones
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Edit device and user information
  • View Alarm, Device and user statistics

Powerful Features


SOS Phone with two-way calls

SOS button allows the wearer to call to a relative, carer or telecare service, just like a mobile phone.

Learn more

GPS Tracker with Location Alerts

Personal GPS location tracker with alerts when the wearer leaves a certain location or area.

Learn more

Heart Rate Monitor & Health Alerts

Monitor the wearer’s heart rate remotely and receive low heart rate alerts.

Learn more

"My husband has vascular dementia. He has in the last months started to go out and walk away from our home. I bought a CPR Guardian watch to help find him. On each occasion it has been invaluable in locating him.'

My husband wandered from the house last week. The police contacted CPR Guardian and they were able to help by boosting the tracker which then provided information that my husband was some 15 miles away in Liverpool. The police found him in about 10 minutes and in 20 minutes they returned him home. So I, the family and the police are very grateful for the tracking watch and the help provided by CPR Guardian.

Mrs. Whitfield CPR Guardian Customer

Milton Keynes

Helen Butler (LA)
- easy to use , very clear 2 way speech – like that calls can be made into and out of the watch . Good audible warning and vibration warning that alarm has been activated . We like it and can see it as being very wearable , it even tells the time !
- easy to set up . You can see exactly what’s going on with the wearer , good location information . Easy to make changes to device set up.
- Learning disability service users like wearable tech so will be useful and also with people who get disoriented or feel vulnerable when out and about.

(Anon LA)
The watch itself is very good, the app is very user friendly and offers a lot of information for family members, for example things like route tracking, heart rate and skin temperature. Battery life is hit and miss with everything turned on you can probably get 3 days, I managed to get 5 days with the HR and Skin Temp turned off. Troubleshooting for me has been good with the company on the other end of the phone to sort out niggly issues, the other positive is they can change the network the watch runs out depending on the area it is installed. Something we can do on the pebble.

KDF Install
As an installer of assistive technology for the past 7/8 years I have come across many different GPS Tracking devices, all with varying benefits and some with a lot of disadvantages.
The CPR Guardian 3 has been a breath of fresh air with not only its aesthetics but also its usability. It is extremely comfortable to wear, having tested it myself before installing it out in the field with a test client. Its well designed and wouldn't look out of place against some of the top end smartwatches, fit bits.
Functionality is perfect for what I needed, real time GPS tracking, multiple geo fences and fall detection with then the added benefit of Realtime Heart rate/Skin temp monitoring, call feature and easy to use SOS button. Compared to some other devices tested, battery life which is one of the most important features is good and different features can be turned on or off to extend this.
The App is user friendly for those monitoring the device, easy to set up, easy to make changes to suit and works well to find out quickly and easily happening with the loved one wearing the watch.
The CPR Guardian team are extremely helpful and have always been on the end of the phone to troubleshoot any little problems which have occurred. They will guide you through the set up process if required and make sure everything is working perfectly before leaving the client with the device.
Overall, I would highly recommend the CPR Guardian 3 and believe it is one of the best GPS watches I’ve had the pleasure to test and install and I look forward to installing more of these brilliant watches in the future.